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Pizza Mima!

The passion for cooking of Mima-Zhora, the muse of this family business has been certainly honoured, because she is who inspire us every day to prepare the most delicious food with the homemade prestige that has been always part of our signature and service.
Tradition is the right Word to describe us, come and try the best gourmet pizzas prepared with our famous homemade dough, with no trans-fat and with the best toppings, all in one pizza!
We have a meal for every taste, for those who love trying something different our pasta dishes are ideal, served with our special tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese. And for those who prefer the traditional poutines, we prepare them with real Quebec’s cheese curds and the freshest fries.
But that is not all! We also offer a variety of hamburgers and sandwiches to delight your senses.
If you cannot resist dessert, we promise you nothing like ours to complete an amazing meal.
You can easily enjoy all these delights ordering online or by phone. For your comfort we provide our delivery service, or if you are on the road you can also choose for pick up because we are in the heart of Victoria Avenue.
Come and try Mima’s flavour!!

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